10 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose a Viking Fiberglass Pool

Viking Fiberglass Pools are redefining the industry. Viking’s advanced technology includes an A.C.P (Advanced Composite Pool) composite formula meaning every pool is engineered with only the most durable materials. Viking Pools is challenging what is standard for a fiberglass pool by pushing the boundaries on design versatility, installation ease, and proven quality. Here are just [...]

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Why Your Inflatable Pool Is More Work Than A Fiberglass Pool

Although the initial expense of an inflatable pool is significantly less than the initial cost of a fiberglass pool, you may actually end up spending more time caring for the inflatable pool in the long run. Inflatable pools are cost-effective in areas such as installation, and less swimmers which means less water, chemicals etc., are [...]

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How To Choose The Best Fiberglass Pool For Your Family

Are you in the market for a swimming pool perfect for your family? Fiberglass is a popular choice amongst many families, offering loads of versatile options. If you want to splash around, play games, and more, your pool’s deep end is required to be 8-feet deep. Educating yourself on the requirements of each are essential [...]

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Fiberglass Pools- the Perfect Choice for Cold Climates

Fiberglass pools are the perfect choice for cold climates. We all know just how tough Mother Nature can be and temperatures well below freezing are notorious for damaging property. Fortunately, this is not the case with fiberglass. Advantages Fiberglass is considered to be a “dielectric” substance, which means that it is non-conductive. As a result, [...]

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5 Myths About Fiberglass Pools

There are many advantages owning a fiberglass swimming pool. There are also many misconceptions floating around regarding possible downsides to having a fiberglass pool. The last couple of years has seen an explosion in the fiberglass pool industry as more and more people are seeing the advantages it has over traditional concrete and vinyl liner [...]

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