Now that you’re the proud owner of a summertime swimming pool thanks to a fibreglass pool installation by Elite Pools, it’s about time to start thinking of maintenance and accessories. For example, should you invest in a pool heater? And if so, what kind?
Pool heaters can make swimming an even more comfortable and inviting activity for your family. You generally want to buy a large pool heater, which is more energy efficient than a small one. Past that, the choice among natural gas, propane, electrical, heat pump, and solar all depend on you and your use case.

Natural Gas

In a natural gas pool heater, the water is pumped through a hot tube before arriving back at your pool. Because it relies on its own heat source, a gasoline pump functions no matter what the outside climate is like.
A natural gas pool heater is far less expensive than a propane variant. You should expect to pay as much as 80% or less for one upfront. The operating cost after the fibreglass pool installation, however, is much higher than the one for propane.
These heaters also don’t last very long. You may have to replace them every 5 years or so.


Natural gas and propane heaters are built with the same equipment and only differ in the type of fuel used. Propane is more energy-rich than gasoline and thus more energy efficient.
Propane is decently eco-friendly in comparison even though it generates a little carbon dioxide. It’s more leak-proof than natural gas.
Ultimately, the choice between the two during fibreglass pool installation mostly falls on local pricing for propane and natural gas.


Electrical pool heaters were common at one point, but increasing operating costs have pushed them down the popularity ladder. While the most reliable option with the least amount of equipment required to get running, electrical heaters are taking a backseat to heat pumps for many pool owners.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than gasoline, but, because they source energy from the surrounding air, they require the ideal climate conditions to function.
Heat pumps are also eco-friendly, running off renewable energy sources and generating no emissions. They are an excellent alternative to the solar heater for locations without much sunlight. Plus, they have impressive longevity, lasting up to 2 decades.
On the other hand, this type of pool heater is slow to function, only raising water temperature by half a degree Celsius in an hour on average. For this reason, a pool cover is recommended during the winter seasons.
Overall, heat pumps are recommended if you want to use the pool at any point during the year, even during winter. Just keep in mind that efficiency is reduced in colder temperatures, and the upfront cost of installation is non-negligible.


Finally, we have solar pool heaters that operate using rooftop solar panels. They are another eco-friendly option that produces no air pollution. However, because they use the sun as the primary energy source, solar heaters are susceptible to interference from clouds, rain, and storms. That is, they are not reliable if your climate often lacks sunlight.
There are two main types of solar pumps:
• Independent solar heaters that run separately from the pool filter.
• In-line heaters that transfer water to the pump using the pool filter. This option is more expensive, so aim for independent pumps if possible.
Generally, solar pool heaters raise the temperature of the pool 2 to 3 degrees Celsius and allow you to swim for a couple of extra months in the year. They last a long time too, often 20 years after initial fibreglass pool installation.
Unfortunately, solar heaters can be more expensive than other options to install, but maintenance and running costs are thankfully low.

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